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2D & 3D CAD

We pride ourselves in being able to assist our customers through the whole process from concept, design and sample stage to the finished production casting.


Owl Castings have a state of the art pattern shop specialising in printed consumable and non-consumable patterns for the wide array of sectors that we serve. Anything from a cast complex valve or rotary casings to highly detailed engineering pieces come well within our remit.


Patterns can be CAD from old drawings, photographs, older 3D software files, or even from a concept verbally communicated to us. All design elements are handled in-house and we work with all our customers to ensure they receive the most cost effective production plan to casting for all their products.

High-quality patterns are essentially the foundation for the perfect casting and it is something that we take great pride in. We have a highly developed range of in-house skills and the latest in wax, plastic and sand printing technology to serve your exact requirements.

Casting process

We operate three main forms of low volume, high detail, casting process. 


Ranging from iron casting in sand flasks, vacuum investment lost wax and more technical printed compounds for engineering and aerospace castings.


We routinely use the age old sand-casting process for both iron and non-ferrous metals as well as the lost wax and vacuum investment for more highly detailed smaller pieces.


As of 2019 we also have a state of the art sand flask printing system that reverse prints sand flasks (prints the whole casting flask with the castable void within it thus doing away with the need for a conventional pattern) this is particularly useful for when a complex pattern would be too costly for a one off or low volume run.

What ever your casting requirements please contact us we have over 40 years of metal casting experience and can add value to your casting project.

Post processing

We have developed a wide arrange of technology and experience in a host of processes required by our clients to casting they commission these processes.


Including post machining, surface preparation, mechanical assembly and chemical finishing.


Our fully equipped machine shop has 2 full time tool-makers that can both hand and CNC finish castings to exact dimensional accuracy.


Many of our clients also want assembly of the machined parts and some form of surface preparation.


Our work-shops include chemical finishing facilities, acid etching, plating, sand-blasting booths, a paint shop and a polishing suite.


We have developed these facilities over the last 4 decades in conjunction of clients ever diversifying requests.


If you have a project that you think we can help with please just drop us a line or pickup the phone.

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